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the curveballs keep coming.

So, my phone company has screwed me over enough times for me to consider breaking the contract. First, they charge me to extend my contract for 2 years even though I asked them not to do this. I didn't WANT my contract extended, I wanted to sit out the rest of the year and then get back on my mom's family plan. The phone itself, even with this new plan, was more than they had initially told me, but I figured "hey whatever, I need a new phone anyway". THEN my SIM stops working because it was originally programmed for an android phone and transferring it to a new one made it malfunction. I let the support know and they tell me I have to pay to replace it. That's stupid. This new phone somehow charged me for monthly downloads that I didn't want and had to go through customer service representatives to get canceled which went rather smoothly.

I want to cancel my plan SOOOO bad, but don't have the $200 to break contract and rely on my cell phone so much that it's crazy. I don't know what I'd do without it.

ALSO- because of all this yacht crap and choosing to buffer Jenny and Josh (in order to get this payment in on time), I'm late on last month's bill and have no money for groceries. The bitter part of me is telling my brain that those two are so wrapped up in their own business that they don't even care how much of my neck I'm sticking out to help them. SUPER. I hate money and I hate T-Mobile.

As an ending note: I had a SMALL coffee today and am now jittery and apparently more irritable than I have to be. Stupid coffee... stupid phone... stupid money everything. *grumble-grumble*

It's sized down, the full size is on my facebook.
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