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Once more with feeling

I didn't get in to the choir. It is bittersweet. She said my voice was good, but the fact remained that I can't read music which is a requirement for that group. She recommended a more beginner choir where I could learn to read, but it conflicts with my Shakespeare class (BOGUS!).

Block Party at UCR basically made Riverside party central. Josh-and-I (I looked back to old journal entries when I used to do this for couples. I still think it's cute) crashed parties with Alexa and Colin. The one we had the most fun at was the random one we got called to at Alexa's complex. Something along the lines of "HEY! What are you guys doing? You want Jell-O shots? Come party with us!" It was legit until Alexa's ex-bf showed up and she went ape-s___-hysterical.

I'll miss Josh. Kissing Aaron on stage feels so... empty.
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