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good news to warm my winter

The season's kicking of my emotional butt is getting back into full-swing, but luckily I keep getting similarly hit by amazing opportunities and news.

First: Weekend Comedy goes up this Thursday... eee! My first performance as a principle character.

Second: Quills rehearsals start in two weeks... eee! my second role with major lines (muchos monologues)

Third: As soon as Quills closes I'll start going to production meetings for a new show where I will NOT be acting in BUT INSTEAD DESIGNING COSTUMES FOR. BYahhh! It's a student run show and Bonnie, my boss and the costume shop manager, told me that the hard-ass head of design, Mark, said I did well in his design class and (since I work in the shop already) to ask if I was interested. I'm SUPER interested. It's for How I Learned to Drive by Paula Vogel. There are six characters, and I'm excited to learn the process from the designer's perspective. Literally, as soon as the show opens, my job is done. Woo woo!

So. With all that on my plate, I'm going to do my best not to die from exhaustion. Winter time makes my energy scarce as is. :)
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