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back in action

My laptop finally has a working charger again and, after only a few days, I am broke again. It is so depressing to work for just over half of what I made in San Francisco... not to mention the fact that I only work around 10 hours a week... so sad. It's a good thing I enjoy my work.

I registered for classes: Lit&Hist of Theatre:Elizabethan, Shakespeare's Tragedies, Basic Musical Concepts, Psych:Skepticism & Pseudosciences, Intro to Western Music. I didn't get into Photography, but I'm web stalking to registrar to see if any seats open up. One of the studios has a seat which confuses me because none of the lectures do. Grr.

I am also eating Greek yogurt that I put boysenberry preserves and peanut butter into. YUMMMMMM.

Oh. I think I'm failing Latin, but picking up Japanese pretty well.
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