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Maybe my current insanity is causing me to slowly try and kill myself with exhaustion.
Another one of our cast mates left the show (this one was let go after countless differences with our director), and I was offered his part with 10 days to learn his lines, blocking, and fight choreography. I accepted, of course. I spoke to the guy, Johnny, and he doesn't seem to be holding a grudge. He wasn't fond of Holly (director) anyway.

Pros: I am now a principle character. My role is touring. For touring I get $1000 (can't wait!). Caroline & the kids are coming (it's the first show they've seen with me in a large speaking role).
Cons: I'm exhausted. My body is sore from stage fighting. Holly suggested that I kiss someone I'd rather gut.

Give me the bright lights, long nights...

I have auditions for Romeo & Juliet on Sunday. Crew preview is tomorrow night... I slept for two hours last night.

Lula gave me $300 this week. I spent it already.
-$75 phone bill
-$100 credit card bill
-$25 make up for Twelfth Night (and de-stress chocolate)
-$10 tampons
-$50 food
-$40 present for Josh

I hate money... but the present for Josh is pretty awesome. I usually try to limit myself to 10%, and judging by the reviews it was a bad choice in gifts, but I think he'll like it. He's a nerd. I should have bought him this instead... poo :\

merrrrr I have work at 10:30AM. DISLIKE.
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