human (sharkbite) wrote,

Dear Hater:

It doesn't matter how many defamatory emails you send to Josh. I'm not afraid of you.

Everyone has a past, and I'm sorry that our presents is so much happier than yours that you feel the need to take time out of your life to try and sabotage us.

All you will get from me is a little bit of nausea and an extreme pity. I honestly don't see anything you can gain from these aggressive actions aside from pride in your tech savvy abilities. Good for you.

That being said, I hope you enjoy putting together those emails. No one is perfect, but good job taking things out of context and telling stories you don't know everything about to affirm this.

My life is thusfar successful happy, by the way. How have you felt lately?

Most Sincerely,
Samantha J. Spada

ps- bring it you pussy. ^_^
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